Text Updates for Games and Practices

For parents that would like to receive a text for any of our practice or game cancellations or last minute changes please sign up for our texting alert notification.

There are two ways to sign up:

By Internet:  Go to rainedout.net.  When you enter your 10-digit phone number you will receive a text with a code that you will need to enter. Once you enter the code please click on the team(s)/practice(s) for which you want to receive text alerts.

By Cellphone:  Use the text codes below to subscribe to your practice/team from your phone:

  • Text MAGICU11 to 84483 to receive Magic U-11 Boys alerts from Magic Soccer.
  • Text MAGICU9 to 84483 to receive Magic U-9 Boys alerts from Magic Soccer.
  • Text MAGICB1314 to 84483 to receive Magic U-13/14 Boys alerts from Magic Soccer.
  • Text MAGICU10Y to 84483 to receive Magic U-10 Boys Yellow alerts from Magic Soccer.
  • Text MAGICU10B to 84483 to receive Magic U-10 Boys Blue alerts from Magic Soccer.
  • Text MAGICU7B to 84483 to receive Magic U-7 Boys alerts from Magic Soccer.
  • Text MAGICU78G to 84483 to receive Magic U-7/8 Girls alerts from Magic Soccer.
  • Text MAGICU8BY to 84483 to receive Magic U-8 Boys Yellow alerts from Magic Soccer.
  • Text MAGICU8BB to 84483 to receive Magic U-8 Boys Blue alerts from Magic Soccer.
  • Text MAGICU8BG to 84483 to receive Magic U-8 Boys Green alerts from Magic Soccer.
  • Text MAGICU9GY to 84483 to receive Magic U-9 Girls Yellow alerts from Magic Soccer.
  • Text MAGICU9GB to 84483 to receive Magic U-9 Girls Blue alerts from Magic Soccer.
  • Text MAGICU10G to 84483 to receive Magic U-10 Girls alerts from Magic Soccer.
  • Text MAGICU11G to 84483 to receive Magic U-11 Girls alerts from Magic Soccer.
  • Text MAGICU12BY to 84483 to receive Magic U-12 Boys Yellow alerts from Magic Soccer.
  • Text MAGICU12BB to 84483 to receive Magic U-12 Boys Blue alerts from Magic Soccer.
  • Text MAGIC1314G to 84483 to receive Magic U-13/14 Girls alerts from Magic Soccer.
  • Text MAGICHSG to 84483 to receive Magic High School Girls alerts from Magic Soccer.
To unsubscribe:

Go to rainedout.net to manage your subscription.