Jonothon Marquez

Jonothon MarquezJonothon Marquez

Director of Coaching

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National “D” Coaching License

By the time Jonothon was six years old, he had already played three years of soccer.  In Caracas, Venezuela, where he was born, the game of soccer flourished in every corner and at every moment of the day children could be seen learning and enjoying the game.

Jonothon’s mother was born in Sedalia, Missouri and due to his dual citizenship, Jonothon moved back and forth between Venezuela and the United States.  This allowed him to play the game in the streets of his neighborhoods in Caracas and in the fields of soccer clubs in Miami, Los Angeles and San Diego.

At the age of ten, Jonothon moved to San Diego where he played for the prestigious soccer club, La Jolla Nomads.  Jonothon brought to this club his wonderful skill and natural vision of the game which he had played since his earliest years.  While playing in San Diego, Jonothon was spotted by Milton Neto, a former professional Brazilian player who was coaching in the area at the time.  His coach, Milton Neto, was the younger brother of the legendary Brazilian player, Vava, who in 1958 and 1962 won the World Cup with the Brazilian National team.  Milton had an incredible soccer career, himself, playing for the Corinthians team in Brazil, Millionaires team in Colombia and for the The America in Mexico.  With Milton as a coach and soccer mentor, Jonothon was able to acquire the magic of the game and was ready for his ultimate goal of playing professionally.

In 1989, Jonothon and his father moved back to Venezuela where he began to play for Galicia Soccer Club’s U-16 team.  At that time, the Galicia Soccer Club had a professional team.  Jonothon continued developing his soccer skills within the club and in 1992 achieved his dream by being called to play for the professional team for which he traveled across the country to play soccer.  His coach at that time was Lino Alonso, the current assistant coach for the Venezuelan National Team.

Two years later, Jonothon transferred to play with the University Santa Maria team and earned his college degree in business.  After three years with the university, he was called by Luis Mendoza, coach of Caracas’ Ital Chacao professional team.  Here Jonothon had the fortunate opportunity to play the sport his loves under the coaching and teaching of one of the greatest Venezuelan soccer players of all time.

In 2002, having returned to the United States and pursuing his master’s degree at Missouri State University, Jonothon began dreaming of what would become his new passion and ambition – to continue the tradition of exceptional coaching with a new generation of soccer players in Springfield, MO.  This dream was born in 2004 with the founding of Magic Soccer Club.  Beginning with a handful of players, Jonothon has built a highly respected and successful club based on a remarkable standard of teaching the magic of the game of soccer.

Magic Soccer Club has become for its players an experience reminiscent of play in the streets of Caracas and the fields of Miami, LA and San Diego.  Today, Magic players glean from the rich heritage of legendary coaches that Jonothon infuses into the club.  Drawing from Jonothon’s extensive experience, his professional brand of magic, and his art of teaching the game, players and coaches are learning that anything is possible!