Chris McBratney

Chris McBratneyChris McBratney

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National “D” Coaching License

Chris McBratney first discovered soccer when he was seven years old and his family moved to Branson, Missouri from Arizona.  This may seem odd as Branson is not exactly known as a soccer “haven” but Chris was fortunate to be friends with another family who had just moved from California.  Coach Reed brought his West Coast soccer knowledge to the Branson Park Board and Chris.  Despite soccer not being a school sport, Chris played it from then on and was on one of the first competitive, traveling clubs from the area – the Branson Breakers.

Chris attended Southwest Baptist University (SBU) in 1988 on a Track and Field Scholarship but continued to play soccer as much as possible.  He was active in a group of students who helped bring soccer as a varsity sport to SBU in 1993.  Even after graduating and while playing semi-professional football, Chris continued to play amateur soccer year round.  His youth coaching experience also began while at SBU as a volunteer for the Bolivar Park Board.  Chris discovered his love for coaching children there and continued on to coaching competitive/club teams starting in 2008.

Chris  and his wife, Stefani,  both joined the coaching staff of Magic Soccer Club in 2011 with a passion for the game and respect for Magic’s emphasis on South American style foot skills.  They are also proud soccer parents of Magic players – Hudson Blaze and Lila.