Alfredo Quesada

Alfredo Quesada

Alfredo comes from the city of Lima, Peru where he was born.  In the living room of his house, over the borders of the streets and in every empty space around his neighborhood, he played the sport that his grandfather played and his father played, dreaming about his father’s amazing soccer career and hoping that someday he would live up to those memories.  The “Flaco Quesada” as Alfredo’s father is called in Peru, played for the Peruvian National Team in two World Cups and in the year of 1975, representing his country, won the America Cup.

Alfredo at 6 years old joined the minor league of the professional Peruvian team Crystal and at the age of 15 went to play for the Municipal Team and Defensor Lima.  From there, he jumped to the top team and began his professional career with the Municipal Team.  After one year of playing professionally in Peru, in 1997 he moved to the USA where he was recruited to play for the the New Jersey Stallions.  For four seasons, here Alfredo had the honor to be coached by the greatest Venezuelan soccer legend, Luis Mendoza.  Mendoza had an incredible soccer career and was chosen for many years to play for the All Star South American Team next to Pele and many other great players of his time.

In 2002 The Metro Star called Alfredo to its roster and in this American soccer team, Alfredo played alongside two great American players, Tab Ramos and Marcelo Balboa, showing his great soccer skills and teamwork.  In 2004 the Peruvian professional team Deportivo Wanka called Alfredo and he went back to his country to play one more season.

Today, Alfredo lives in Springfield and one year ago joined Magic Soccer Club as one of our coaching staff, bringing to our organization his amazing experience and love for the sport which has given him and his family a place in history.

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