About Magic Soccer Club

About Magic

Magic Soccer Club is distinctive in that it is the only club in Southwest Missouri to offer an intense curriculum of Brazilian South American style soccer.  From foot skills to coaching techniques, Magic Soccer Club players are immersed in a unique soccer environment that is dedicated to helping players reach their full soccer potential. Today, Magic Soccer Club has around 25 teams of boys and girls ages 3 through high school that compete in Lake Country Soccer leagues and tournaments.

While the success of Magic Soccer Club is rooted in the one of a kind coaching style provided by the extremely experienced and motivated coaching staff, it is equally important to note the extraordinary contributions of our dedicated volunteers, the parents. Without the time and effort that each family puts in to the development of their child, Magic Soccer Club would not be where it is today.

Each team in the club is led by a qualified coach approved by the director of coaching.  Decisions on recruitment and the acceptance of players are made by each coach.  Magic Soccer Club has a specialized Development Program for new players. The new players begin their development by working with a qualified coach on foot skills. After few weeks of training under our system and as the player starts showing improvement, they go on to the next stage, and are considered to play on a team.  Many of our players who have been working with Magic Soccer Club for a longer period of time are beginning to show amazing talent at middle school level.  These results can be directly attributed to our club coaching style and hard work during practices and in the off season.

Magic Soccer Club was founded in Springfield, MO in 2004, by Jonothon Marquez, a former professional soccer player from Caracas, Venezuela. These years have been challenging as well as rewarding.  Now, we are looking to the future and envisioning the next 5, 10, 20 years of  Magic Soccer.  We are committed to taking each player to their full potential.  We are dedicated to creating players who are respectful, skilled, and who love the game of soccer.  We look forward to a promising and well defined future together with our players, parents and with the soccer community of Springfield and surrounding area.

Our Mission

  • To recruit quality coaching.
  • To continuously enhance the education of the Magic Soccer Club coaching staff.
  • To place Magic Soccer Club coaches into appropriate age levels according to their soccer knowledge and coaching ability.
  • To provide the development bridge between recreational soccer and competitive soccer.
  • To develop individual players to their full potential.
  • To provide a number of college scholarships offered to Magic Soccer Club players.
  • To maintain family values and increase the respectability of the Magic Soccer Club within the community.
  • To conduct summer camps and player development programs to attract young players to the Magic Soccer Club.
  • To form the best teams possible to compete in Leagues, Tournaments, State Cup, Regionals and Nationals.
  • To have a number of Magic Soccer Club players that will represent the United States on National and/or Olympic teams.
  • To have players and teams experience soccer camps in South America.

Our Vision

In the next five years we see Magic Soccer Club as the best soccer club in Springfield, MO. We anticipate building a soccer facility and developing a program that offers many college scholarships. We have already started building a top of the line youth program for players as young as 4 years old and are continually working to recruit highly skilled coaches.  We plan to offer our players the opportunity to participate in Brazilian soccer camps.  Most importantly, we strive to continue to have the best support a club can have – committed, caring parents.

Magic Soccer Guidelines