The Relationship of Self-Esteem to Athletic Performance

Please take a moment to read this brief article by Marv Fremerman.  The article was originally written in reference to the sport of handball, but the principles apply to our sport as well.

The Relationship of Self-Esteem to Athletic Performance

by Marv Fremerman

Article reprinted with author permission.  Originally printed in Handball magazine, November 2012.

What takes place away from the handball court affects what takes place on the handball court.  And over the years I’ve found there’s a direct correlation between how you feel about yourself and how well you perform.

When you have a high sense of inner-self (self-esteem) and your life is in harmony you will perform close to your skill level on a consistent basis.  Successful coaches are those who understand this important principle and create team environments that enhance feelings of self-worth, thereby enhancing performance.  And one of the important ways this is done is when athletes know their coach cares about them as human beings first, and then as athletic performers.